Bob A.'s Story

Florida – I had large cell lung cancer and I had one of my lobes on my left lung removed. Also, I had 3 lymph nodes removed since one was cancerous. This was done in 1988 therefore I am very lucky to be alive today. My MD at the time thought it would be prudent to have radiation in the area of the cancer. After the operation I was breathing like nothing happened and thought all would be great. I took the advice of my MD to have radiation for 5 weeks and around the 5th week I could feel myself cooking and my breathing getting worse. Within a month or so after radiation, my breathing became so bad any activity was a big chore and I couldn't go to work anymore. My walking became very limited. I never realized that the remainder of your lungs expand to take the place of the partial lung removal and therefore the radiation was hitting my good lung. So think before having radiation as I did.


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